Radiant No.15 | Digital ::: The Motherhood Issue

Radiant No.15 | Digital
The Motherhood Issue

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It’s been called the purest form of love—a lifelong task that is both the greatest and most difficult undertaking on earth. Much more than an action or a feeling, it is a state of being that changes all things, reveals all things, strengthens all things. Though there is more than one way to realize motherhood, this special identity never fails to be a singular and incomparable gift.

The Motherhood Issue is a study in the complexities, joys, nuances, heartbreaks and triumphs in bringing forth life. This 15th offering from Radiant features think pieces and conversations on parenting black boys and black girls, making time for fitness at each stage of motherhood, and coping with intentional and unintentional pregnancy loss. Also included in this very intimate look at all things motherhood are stories on creator of global luxury brand Christie Brown  Aisha Ayensu; multi-award winning poetess and writer Phillippa Yaa de Villiers; and elite athlete and Olympian Alysia Montano as well as Kiano MojuAnowa Adjah, Kesha ClinkscaleIjeoma Kola and Toks Fahm Ajayi.  


Radiant is published twice a year. 

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    Available for all iOS and Android devices.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Juliet Ezepue
    Keep being Radiant!

    I have a soft spot for all things black and motherhood, especially things that highlight our possibilities and not our deficits, things that combine our intellect and instinct with sweetness and tenderness worthy of praises. Your motherhood issue turned me into a firm believer and subscriber. Over 184 pages in premium silk paper. Let me repeat that again, paper made with premium silk materials adorn the pages of the magazine.

    Radiant Magazine is like rain-filled Savannah. All it brings into being, possibilities, philosophies, motherhood, or even self-care, are unexpected gifts that keep giving long after one issue is closed and another begins. It’s combination of intellect and instinct transcends the limitations we impose on the possibilities of health for black women by black women. There is always something beautiful, there is always something vulnerable, there is always something straight-up, all spoken with an eloquent grace, tailor-made to soothe all aches black women face like a restorative balm. Grab a copy for yourself to see and feel what I mean.

    And all of you that make this possible: You keep taking good care to ensure that black women are not invisible, that we are not silent, that we are not ignored, that we are not dismissed, that we are not forgotten. Your vision is clear, like a fine crystal glass that is equally sterling. Keep being dedicated to the discerning black woman, keep accelerating knowledge of her ways, her being, keep illuminating paths to her wellness, her health, her beauty, her culture. You do it so well, that all I can say is keep being Radiant. I applaud you

    Monique H.

    Radiant's The Motherhood Issue was truly the best issue yet and I have been a fan since day 1. The articles specific to motherhood were all relatable. The Radiant finds were also great to support black business owners. Once I read page to page I wanted more and was in awe as a mother how the stories hit a homeroom from fitness, to food to stories such as "on parenting black boys" and "on parenting black girls." A must read, pickup your copy and buy an extra copy to gift to someone it is worth it.

    Oduenyi K.

    Deep insight into the psychology of kids ( boys/ girls ) and therefore how to tailoring the act of raising them


    Wonderful!! It highlighted important topics related to black motherhood that everyone should read. I loved every page!