Inspire and equip the Black woman to live a heathy, happy and meaningful life.

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“..., the magazine, and all the beautiful people behind the scenes ROCK! Thank you so much for creating a beautiful space that showcases our beauty, integrity, and intelligence. We needed this. We needed you! As long as you’re in production, you’ll get some of my money as well as my support! 👑 ” 


"Just stunning. It's beautiful and well laid out. Truly one of the best magazines I have seen in years."

Kimberly Shah, @kimberlysha (via Instagram)

"Saw this image on the magazine in Barnes & Noble. Stunning. Fell in love with it immediately... Nice work. Wish it was a monthly magazine."


Radiant feeds the African woman's (or any woman's) mind, body and soul ... Radiant is approachable luxury. The content is delivered in relatable fashion, packaged in quality, luxury print. It portrays the African woman in her true light ... I will use this as a coffee table book, it's not just a magazine. 

@kremeng (via Instagram)

Finally a magazine that covers topics that matter to me as an African woman. For the price of lunch, I get valuable life changing information. Worth every penny and more. Yup, I am officially a Radiant woman.

Yetunde Shorters

I love Radiant Health Magazine!!! I read each page, and still want more. It offers a Nigerian perspective on healthy living. Try it out, you might just fall in love with Radiant Health Magazine like I have. 😊 


Currently loving everything about the Psyche issue of @radianthealthmag ...  It's filled with so much beautiful content and inspiration. 

@cimplytay (via Instagram)

Great app, if you are aiming for physical, emotional and mental good health.

Onyinyechi O, Lagos

Awesome! Great visuals and even better content. Well done!