Radiant No.14 | Digital ::: The Rebirth Issue

Radiant No.14 | Digital
The Rebirth Issue

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A sunset on the cusp of dawn.  The many faces of the moon. Brilliant summer blossoms following winter’s chilly repose.  In time, every part of our world is born anew. And this renewal graciously bestows upon us the opportunity to continue on, refreshed and reenergized, in our individual life journeys.

The Rebirth Issue is a celebration of new beginnings, and in it we share insights on the power found in simply starting over. Radiant No. 14 includes Oprah Winfrey’s all-time favorite guest Dr. Tererai Trent and her sage wisdom on embracing adversity to uncover the greatness within;  Celebrity chef and baker Lorraine Pascale’s fearless approach to the purposeful career switch; Saturday Night Live cast member Ego Nwodim’s performance-inspired take on the art of adaptation; Project Runway alum Korto Momulu and the blessings hidden in life’s hitches; a guide for reclaiming fitness mojo; tips on how to breathe hip new life into fashion of yore; and other inspiring stories of personal reemergence.


More than a magazine, each volume of Radiant is a beautifully designed coffee table magazine printed on premium silk paper. 184 pages // Soft touch cover.

Radiant is published twice a year. 

To order click the app icons above for your device and complete order within the app. If you choose to check out via our online store here, you can access your issue by downloading the Radiant Health app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  From the menu bar select "Account" and then "Sign In." You can then sign in with your Google email to activate your issues. It must be the same email used at the time of purchase.

    Available for all iOS and Android devices.

    Each interactive digital edition presents a smooth reading experience; browse videos, audio, and links without leaving the issue on the app. Also features free web content within the app.

    Customer Reviews

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    RADIANT MAG is unique for many reasons but one thing makes it outstanding for me - HEALTH +CULTURE! Rarely will you find such combinations married into one. I love the fact that this Mag promotes our indigenous food especially in bringing to limelight the nutritional values in most of our traditional cuisines.

    The total packaging -prints,picture quality, color separations, editing, delivery, etc is just splendid. My order came earlier than expected with a little gift of a Radiant woman pin...

    Now I know better- my Palm fruit Oil has high levels of carotenoids, plant-based antioxidants that fight inflammation. Rich in Vitamin E , Vitamin A and eating just 2 tablespoon a day help increase the good cholesterol and reduce the bad cholesterol! All thanks to RADIANT MAG.
    I look forward to my next order - it's a great Educative, informative and entertaining magazine. Fashion in its highest level. Bringing together fashion in food and fashion in clothing and telling you to keep your exercise in check so you can fit into both!!_���

    Yetunde S.

    Every time I think It can't get any better, I am pleasantly surprised. This issue is a breath of fresh goodness and escape to a world of pure authenticity and femininity. Team RADIANT, you keep outdoing your last work and we LOVE YOU FOR IT.