Radiant No.10 | Digital ::: The Melanin Issue

Radiant No.10 | Digital
The Melanin Issue

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In this issue we turn the focus to our skin, the largest organ in our body! We explore how the skin serves as a powerful therapeutic conduit for many of the ills that ails us. We also take a journey inwards to explore not only the war we have with our skin but also the many ways we are rising to celebrate our different hues and talents, with ourselves and with the world.

Includes free digital edition.

 Issue Highlights:

  • Who better to embody everything that is bold and beautiful in the skin you’re in than our cover girl HBO's Insecure star, Yvonne Orji!

  • Dermatologist and other physicians weigh in on how to stay safe in your skin plus special feature on Acupuncture, Moxibustion, and Cupping: Ancient Approaches for Modern Times. 

  • This issue's Local Champ egusi delights and surprises in more ways than one. The recipes are tantalizing. (Candied egusi over Greek yogurt? Can't miss that!)

  • Compelling in-depth features on:

    • what it’s like to be a person with albinism in Africa today
    • calorie-torching elliptical workouts;
    • yoga for everyone; 
    • thought-provoking personal essays on colorism;
    • inspiring interviews with some truly remarkable African women including Eva SonaikeSandra MbanefoSwaady MartinAina FadinaZeZe Oriaikhi-Sao, Onome Akinlolu Majaro. 
  • And so much more! 

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    Available for all iOS and Android devices.

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